The vinyl release of Hello_World contains two 'hidden' tracks on side 4. The vinyl is cut in such a way, that the stylus will fall randomly, and will play one of the two tracks.

Only 250 copies of the vinyl will every be issues.

Track Listing
Flim Flam
Surely, You’re Joking

The project was embraced by the space research community, and we are delighted to say that a digital copy of the album has been loaded aboard the Peregrine Lander, destined to blast off to the Moon on December 24th 2023. This super exciting news will mean that if the mission is a success, Hello_World will be the first album on the Moon!!

Everyone at 1201_Alarm would like to thank the wonderful people at Astrobotic for making this possible, and wish them all the very best for the mission!

The Hello_World project is the story of the gentrification of technology since the Apollo era.

The Peregrine Lander by Astrobotic

In completing the project, the band were fortunate enough to work with many great names from the scientific community, including Dr Aleks Krotoski (BBC TV & Radio), Dr Helen Czerski (UCL & BBC TV), the late James Randi, Prof Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (University of Chicago), Prof Jim Al Khalili (University of Surrey & BBC Radio), Prof Marcus du Sautoy (University of Oxford), Winfried Hensinger (University of Sussex), The Estate of the late Richard Feynman, Libby Jackson (European Space Agency), Dr Anna Ploszajski (UCL)

With thanks to; Tamar Osborn, Titch Walker, Emma Bassett, Ben Handysides, Santiago Morales, Ollie Weston, Geoff Southall, Adrian Woodward, Steve Pretty Ardee Arollado (Keroberzo Manga), Aleks Krotoski, Helen Czerski, James Randi, Winfried Hensinger, The Estate of the late Richard Feynman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Libby Jackson, Jim Al Khalili, Marcus Du Sautoy, Anna Ploszajski, Gemma Church, Isla Cummings, The Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR) Singapore, LucasFilm, Alaska Studios, Livingstone Studios London, Ascape Studios Kent UK.


For any information regarding 1201-Alarm and the Hello_World project, please contact Steve Thompson