The band are currently recording their first album 'Hello World'. A very special EP, '1201_Alarm...Loading..' is available NOW! Featuring tracks taken from the forthcoming album, the limited edition is a unique hybrid disc, playable on both a CD player and a record deck. Strictly limited to only 50 copies worldwide.


Complete ‘Loading…’ contents…
Disc 1 (DVD) 

‘Hello World’ Composed produced mixed S Thompson © 1201_Alarm 2016
Canon Rock - Composed Pachelbel, arranged Jerry C, Produced S Thompson
Doctor Who Theme - Composed Grainer, arranged Thompson © BBC
Loading… Continuous mix - Hello World composed Thompson, Skylife composed Balakrishnan, Cycles composed Thompson © 1201_Alarm 2016
GeekBeat TV courtesy of Livid Lobster J. Pozadzides
Spiegel im Spiegel composed Part arr Thompson © Universal Edition
Disc 2 (CD)

  ‘Hello_World’ composed Thompson, ‘Skylife’ composed Balakrishnan, ‘Cycles’ composed Thompson. Analogue track ‘Cycles - Hybrid remix’ composed and remixed by Steve Thompson

Inspired by science, technology and innovation, 1201_Alarm fuse unusual instruments such as the laser harp, theremin and musical Tesla coil with more traditional instruments to create unique and innovative sounds.

'Loading...' EP artwork

The ‘Loading…’ EP represents the birth of the 1201_Alarm project, cataloguing the move from just a few ad hoc laser harp gigs with Steve playing to a backing track, into a much more comprehensive project and features three tracks taken from the forthcoming album ‘Hello_World’.

Numbers are strictly limited to 50 worldwide as they are handmade, so get yours while you can. You can pay by Bitcoin below. Simply point your wallet at the QR code, check you're happy with the amount (0.02 Bitcoin) and then drop us a line via the contact page saying where in the world you would like your unique disc delivered. Don't forget to include the transaction code when you contact us. But hurry, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Stuxnet Video

As a little precursor to the forthcoming, ‘Hello_World’ album, we are delighted to tell you about our new EP, ‘Loading…’

The EP contains 2 discs, a DVD and a CD. The CD is playable on all CD players but also has a unique ‘hidden’ analogue track that is playable on a standard record deck. This track was create with our friends at Lathecuts, and each disc was hand made on 80 year old lathe cutting equipment. Consequently, it’s not one for the audiophiles, but don’t worry, you can hear a fully digital version of the track (‘Cycles - Hybrid remix’) in the continuous play section of the DVD.

It won’t hurt your equipment, but the disc may not be playable on certain record decks with auto return arms.  It’s just for fun and we really hope that you enjoy it.

'Loading...' - EP available NOW!!!